Infringement Statistics

2019 Controlled Airspace Hotspot Map

2018 Controlled Airspace Hotspot Map

The above maps show the number of aircraft infringements during 2018/2020 the location and height of each aircraft infringement. It is imperative that infringements are reduced because of the safety implications, and  in addition to the delays caused to VFR/IFR inbound and outbound aircraft.

If a pilot does infringe then the CAA have created a form for completion, the link is here CAA Infringement Form

Below are some tips which are helpful to ensure infringements do not occur:

  • Never enter controlled airspace unless a positive clearance has been issued by Birmingham Radar.
  • Airspace transits are more likely to be accepted through the overhead in a SW-NE or W -E orientation, or at the extreme edges of the Airspace.
  • Always have an alternative plan in case transit clearance is not available.
  • Plan a route before flight by the use of ground feature and navaids.
  • Use the Birmingham QNH when close to Airspace. (ATIS frequency 136.025 or 0121 767 1260).
  • Birmingham Radar can provide a service for aircraft close to/under the CTA, otherwise please squawk 0010.

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