Training Flights

Due to the reduction in traffic levels at Birmingham Airport, we have opened up a booking system for pilots to request a training flight. All requests for training flights will be required to book on the day, it is the responsibility of the Duty Manager to approve/decline training slots at the start of each day factoring traffic, forecasted weather, planned equipment outages and runway availability. To book a training slot, please call ATC during office hours 0830 to 1600 local, our ATC contact number can be found in our AIP. For information on our Fees and Charges, click Here.

Available Training Slot Times

Slot 1 1000z – 1100z
Slot 2 1200z – 1300z
Slot 3 1400z – 1500z
Slot 4 1600z – 1700z
Slot 5 1800z – 1900z

Approved Training

• Radar vectored Instrument approaches
• Procedural approaches from the BHX
• Radar vectored circuits
• Visual circuits

Military fast jet training is not permitted.
Priority will be given to commercial traffic and training traffic based at EGBB and
EGVN over other training traffic.

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