Birmingham ATC Control Tower
This website has been created by Birmingham Airport Air Traffic Limited for General Aviation pilots. It is hoped that this website will assist pilots with detailed information on the VRPs around Birmingham Airport.

Unfortunately there are a large number of infringements in and around Birmingham Airports Airspace.  It is hoped that the VRP photographs (courtesy of Mike Roberts, Managing Director Takeflight Aviation) will be helpful for GA pilots.

Below are some useful links (all links open in a new window), which are useful to GA pilots:

  • Birmingham ATC Radar Frequency 123.980
  • All VFR Flight Plans must addressed to EGBBZEZX in addition to the usual addressees
  • EGBB AIP (If you wish to land at EGBB, handling is mandatory, and we only sell Jet A1 fuel)
  • Met Office TAF and METAR
  • NOTAMs
  • Skyway Code


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