Birmingham Airport VRP (Visual Reference Points)

Transiting Birmingham Controlled Airspace

If you are a private pilot who has never flown near controlled airspace, the task can seem daunting. However, in reality it is very straightforward and simple. Birmingham has no entry or exit lanes, and being in the centre of the country it has a lot of motorways in the vicinity, therefore Birmingham has plenty of VRP’s in the area.

When flying in the vicinity of Birmingham use our Listening Squawk 0010 and tune into 123.980.

To transit Birmingham’s controlled airspace you first require a clearance from Birmingham Radar. It is essential that you remain outside of controlled airspace and contact Birmingham Radar Frequency 123.980 to request a Transit clearance, prior to entering Birmingham Controlled Airspace.

Depending on your routing Birmingham Radar may instruct you to contact Birmingham Tower Frequency 118.305. You may also be instructed to hold at the EASTERN aerodrome boundary or the WESTERN aerodrome boundary depending on your route.

Click on the interactive VRP map to see a description and an aerial view our VRP’s.

Screenshot (47)

Tamworth Bedworth Lichfield Hilton Park Frankley M40/42 Studley

Bedworth VRP

Tamworth VRP

Lichfield VRP

Hilton Park Services VRP

Frankley Reservoirs VRP

M40/M42 Interchange VRP

Studley VRP

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