Drone Application

If you request permission to fly your drone.  Normally (when the Commonwealth Games aren’t on), your flight would be within our permission remit and as such would only require a drone log booking 24 hours prior to flight and a telephone call to us on the day.

However, this is not the case this time due to the Commonwealth Games restrictions of flying regulations issued by the Secretary of State for Transport.  Various restrictions will apply from 22nd July 2022 until 10th August 2022.

There are a number of restricted zones established for the games for both manned and drone flights, one of them totally encompasses Birmingham Airport’s airspace.  These will be policed and protected by the authorities.  For the period covering the games, West Midlands Police are the primary authority for issuing permission for drone flights, and then only for public or commercial interest flights. 

If you still wish to fly within those dates, you must request permission in accordance with the following:

  1. Flights within the Restricted Area but outside the EGBB Flight Restriction Zone
  2. West Midlands Police only
  3. Flights within the Restricted Area and within the EGBB Flight Restriction Zone
  1. West Midlands Police, and
  2. Birmingham Air Traffic Control (after receipt of permission and authorisation code from West Midlands Police)

Contact details are:

West Midlands Police Commonwealth Games (Air Cell)

07795 697 884

The briefing sheet for the Commonwealth Games restrictions can be found on the NATS Briefing Sheet: Untitled (ead-it.com)

For flights outside of the dates above, please continue to use this email address to request permission.

Drone use is growing at a rapid rate in the UK. 

Both the CAA and NATS have published information to ensure that those who wise to fly drones do so legally and safely.

For drone safety information from the CAA please go to caa.co.uk/drones.

For drone safety information from NATS please go to nats.aero/airspace/drones/.

You may be prosecuted if you fly ANY small unmanned aircraft within a Flight Restricted Zone without the appropriate authorization. 

Drone Operations within Birmingham Airport FRZ

It is recognised that commercial operators and recreational users may, on occasion, wish to operate drones within the confines of the Flight Restricted Zone around Birmingham Airport. All drone operations must be carried out in line with the DRONE CODE.

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