M6 J3 Bedworth VRP

m6 junc3

This image is taken facing south. To the north is the town of Bedworth. To the south is the city of Coventry. A really helpful landmark here is the Ricoh Arena which should circled. You should also see a railway line just to the east tracking south towards Coventry City Centre. The base of CAS here is 2000’. If you are following the M6 west, the CTR boundary is approximately just west of Corley Services.

If you are transiting in the portion of airspace between the north western edge of the Coventry ATZ and the Birmingham CTR – pay particular attention to your location and the Birmingham QNH. Coventry are active with AFIS and A/G on 123.825. Coventry are active with flight training and there are also two Helimed helicopters at Coventry that may lift without warning – even if Coventry are closed. Coventry also now permit based operators to fly outside of aerodrome operating hours.

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